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About Olympic Sound

Based out of Kitchener and serving southern Ontario, Jasmyn Lancinger sprung up Olympic Sound in the summer of 2002. Initially a small—if risky—endeavor, her project survived on the support of friends and family who were willing to give it a shot. And now, the better part of a decade, hundreds of gigs, thousands of smiling people, millions of songs and a lifetime of memories later, Jasmyn's little DJ company has grown to take on a life of its own.
With a steady increase in business over the years, Olympic Sound has expanded to include a small team of fully trained, professional experts in their field- each with a variety of experiences and expertise. For example, DJs Eric and Neil are technical experts (think: incredible remixes and beat mixing at your reception!). On the other hand, the ladies on the team bring a more feminine touch to the event and are great at reading the mood and emotions of the crowd.
No matter which Olympic Sound team member DJs at your event, you can expect someone who is energetic, helpful (as past clients told The Ring, it's not uncommon to find them helping the venue staff clear an area for the dance floor) and comes dressed perfectly for your event.

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Our Mission

To bring the highest level of professionalism along with a completely personalized experience. The team at Olympic Sound believes that a good DJ does more than just show up and play tunes.

Contact Us

We understand the importance of making your event perfect and we can build a custom service package that will fit all of your needs. Let's get connected and we can answer all of your questions.

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